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GAP Analysis

At Metis Consulting, we can take that deeper dive to investigate what you have in relation to what you need, generate an action plan, and prioritize the elimination of those gaps.

  • Clinical where your company may be moving to a different development phase, expanding your overall system (all departments are growing) and recognize that the Drug Safety Department needs to come with them; or

  • Post-Marketing where there may be a sense of urgency to set your documentation.

What could your company be missing?:

  • Identify Strategic Objectives: What is the end goal? Where are the benchmarks and best practices? 

  • Identify Current Standings: Observe and collect current standings with strategic objectives.

  • Create a Plan of Action: Areas of deficiency are identified, and improvement plan is implemented with priority and time frame.

  • Back Up the Plan with Data and Analysis: Present findings, showing strategic objectives, current standing, deficiencies.  

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Last updated: 23 May 2019