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GAP Analysis

At Metis Consulting, we take the dive to investigate what you have in relationship to what you need, generate an action plan, and prioritize the elimination of gaps by utilization of what you currently have on hand. Then we plan for the next six months, year, two years, and five years down the road.

Laboratory: Drug discovery and drug design.

Pharmacovigilance: Have you been planning for this all along? How are your reporting tools? What are your processes? Where are your redundancies?

Pre-Clinical. This is where the next step in research begins - the building block for feasibility, iterative testing, and drug safety data.

Clinical. Making the move to Phase 1 human trials. What is the long-term plan? Are all of the pieces in place? What do you need to make sure that you have met all of your obligations to the most important part of the process? The patients.

Manufacturing: Getting the product to the patients... and making sure that all of the steps exceed standards.

Post-Marketing: You have made the big leap, and your drug has been approved. How do you keep all of the pieces together? This is the time to shore up all of the processes now that the drug is on the market.

What could your company be missing?:

  • Identify Strategic Objectives: What is the end goal? Where are the benchmarks and best practices? 

  • Identify Current Standings: Observe and collect current standings with strategic objectives.

  • Create a Plan of Action: Areas of deficiency are identified, and improvement plan is implemented with priority and time frame.

  • Back Up the Plan with Data and Analysis: Present findings, showing strategic objectives, current standing, deficiencies.  

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Last updated: 10 October 2019